Dr. MacRae and his team plan to conduct a multi-phased research project to uncover new genetic, molecular and cellular markers associated with coronary heart disease (CHD) which could be used to screen the population at large to identify individuals at risk of developing CHD later in life.

The project will start with a study to collect genomic information, lifestyle data (sleep, activity, stress), key public health data (environmental and economic factors) and responses from people with CHD their families. This data will be cross-referenced against data from the Framingham Heart Study and the Million Veterans Program to validate novel traits that may be associated with the onset of CHD.

In the next phase of the project, Dr. MacRae and his team aim to discover new screening approaches to identify individuals at an early age who may be at risk of developing CHD. In the final phase of the research, Dr. MacRae and his team will focus on developing novel preventative or pre-disease therapeutic strategies with the ultimate goal of reducing the burden of CHD.

Source: One Brave Idea

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